Why you will love WilderTrack

WilderTrack is the most comprehensive birding and outdoor-focused web application available. If you enjoy watching and studying the natural world, and you need to be able to record, track, and share your outdoor life easily and quickly, WilderTrack is definitely for you.

With WilderTrack you get access to more than 29,000 species in the current database and the ability to record all of your birding, wildlife, hiking, and other outdoor activities in one simple, easy-to-use online package – no downloading or installing software.

“Love the software, and I could see many uses for it and I think it would be great for my son, who likes to keep track of what we see on our urban walks (we have three or four greenbelts in our neighborhood) as well as when we go camping.”

Why you will love WilderTrack

Your adventures…your sightings…your outdoor life is now quicker and easier.

WilderTrack allows you to plan, capture
and share all of your adventures and observations.

Capture your outdoor life
Birding? Hiking? Watching Wildlife? Only
WilderTrack lets you record all of your
outdoor activities in one application.
See all that WilderTrack can do
Share your outdoor life
The only thing better than an adventure
is sharing it with like-minded folks.
Plan your outdoor life
Review your past adventures and sightings
as well as those shared by other WilderFolks
to maximized your outdoor life.
See how planning works with WilderTrack
Research and plan for your outings

With WilderTrack you can research species
and plan your future trips.

Record Your Sightings Quickly, Easily and Completely
Enter as much or as little information as you want.
The most complete sighting information.
Share Your Sightings Now!
Share Your Trips & Sightings – It’s Your Choice
Shared Trips & Sightings can be viewed by the WilderFolks Community.
No other listing software has as a robust community!
Checklists are Automatically Updated
Your sightings are immediately up to date with the latest checklist changes.
All Regional and State/Country Checklists are available to you at no extra charge!
Create a Checklist Now!
Record your sightings and adventures like never before!

Entering your information is quick and easy.

Enter Your Trips & Sightings Quick!
Easily and rapidly record your trips
Enter Sightings as part of a trip or not.
Enter as little or as much detail about each sighting
QuickSight lets you enter sightings fast!
Enter detailed information with
Share, View & Research

Leverage the experience of others.

Shared Trips & Sightings

Share, View & Discuss Trips & Sightings
Develop a plan based on the experience of the WilderFolks
Review Species Information

The WilderTrack database contains nearly 30,000 species.
Review species range, biology, taxonomy, and WilderFolks Shared sightings.
Checklists, Checklists, Checklists

Generate, View and Print Regional and State/Country Checklists
Complete Checklists for Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Butterflies, etc.
WilderFolks Community of Learning and Sharing

The WilderFolks Community
Socialize and meet people with similar interests.
Find new birding and outdoor partners.
Post to your WilderBlog
Share your insights and thoughts with the community.
Learn and Enjoy the writings of others.
Discuss and Share Information
Use the WilderForums to discuss issues and topics with fellow WilderFolk.
Review Shared Sightings and Trips while researching your next adventure.
The Latest and Greatest at the Lowest cost

Always up to date
Your software, checklists, and species are always up-to-date.
You have the latest version of the software without having to do upgrades or purchasing expensive software.
Hey, It’s Less Expensive
You are not charged for upgrades and improvements.
You receive full access to all features with your subscription – no ala carte pricing for features!.
The Latest and Greatest
Our philosophy – Constant and Neverending Improvement. The newest technologies and information will be used to help you use WilderTrack and have a better user experience.